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Make a responsible to the technology card hand
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What kind of responsibility should card hand bear? As a natural person, you do not have what responsibility almost, can choose freely " good wine, good food, good-looking woman, fair game... " ; Regard a society as the person, you besides having the responsibility that raises him development that paper a mouth, still get the law that abides by a country, code, bear has the social responsibility that chairs weak of justice, Kuang Fu; Regard a card as the hand, besides had hit every deck responsibly seriously, you still must have wind of good shop sign, respect companion of adversary of judgment, esteem, esteem, you must carry for bridge the movements gives his contribution, piece money, exert oneself, be out on duty. These problems or too complex, or too sensitive. The issue that I just consider to discuss card hand to go up how to bear the blame to his technology in table-board today.

This topic looks a bit abstract, we still begin from exemple of pack of cards.

You sit south, both sides is not had bureau, hand of 2 pairs of cards makes natural system.


Call process is as follows:

North east south on the west   1 1 2 / / 2 / ?
2C=5-8P, blame force cry.

You have 10 big pip, the design and color of 2 pieces of companions supports. What do you call? I think some cards hand can not cry, some cards hand can call 4S, more card hands can call 2NT, 3D, 3S is waited a moment. I think your choice also won't exceed a few kinds above. This pair of card appears in the match, the home austral at that time called 3D, final result is 3S-1.

4 hands card is such:


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