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One, bridge brief introduction

Say simply, one kind bridge is playing cards makes a way. Bridge regards sex of a kind of decorous, civilization, athletics as very strong intellective sex game, make fun of at of all kinds card with with its peculiar glamour rule the region, fashionable whole world. At present bridge has been become the Asia Game was mixed 2002 2004 the performance project of the Olympic Games, and hopeful is entered Autumn 2008 the Olympic Games.

1, the fun that play bridge basically depends on relying on luck, many by wisdom a surname card less. In card games process, want to use the knowledge of a lot of maths, logic, computation and memorial capacity are very important in bridge.

2, bridge concerns to changing charitable person time and harmonious, cooperate ability to be in benignantly greatly. We are not fathomless " the bridge " the word is in in bridge important, hit good bridge to must be between the partner clasp, make concerted effort, ability achieves a goal.

3, the basic course of bridge is similar to the whole process that signs a contract, alleged enter into the agreement (Contract) it is in English " contract " meaning: Bid, contest mark, bilateral argy-bargy, by one party the autograph gets a contract finally, this one party is task of the contract that finish and make a plan next, and other one party sets a barrier for its, prevent its to complete a plan. More pay for more work and reduce the principle such as the loss to be reflected very adequately in bridge as far as possible.

4, the composition of the luck when the interest sex of bridge still depends on playing bridge is inevitable, sometimes adversary still can implement psywar method to you. If only with respect to pack of cards character, ace also not dare Munchausen wins abecedarian certainly. Additional, card hand is after the computation that passes nicety and judgement, with some kind advanced make a way (wait like devoted, crowded card) finished those who have difficulty to enter into the agreement, the sort of feeling pleased with and derive comfort from sth and excitement is self-evident.

5, the game that bridge still is a kind of decorous, civilization of course. Also having person bridge is " breathed war " .

2, bridge history

Bridge results from the earliest 3 people whist, it is allegedly by halt in India special slant a kind of when the 3 England officer of monarch place invents improvement whist game, because do not have the 4th person, and must be the card booth of the companion of dealing person on the desk, the 4th person of this hypothesis is called bright hand. Bridge this name, appear the earliest in Russia or earthy Er allegedly its, the Biliji of Russian similar whist (Biritch) appeared to not have above all in game will. Had call at this moment, increased to be mixed doubly later again double, and the frequency is not restricted, at this moment bridge, gamble sex is very strong, be objected by the strong line of lover of a lot of whist.
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