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Brief introduction of Chinese bridge association
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Bridge of China of abbreviation of Chinese bridge association assist, english name " Chinese Contract Bridge Association " abbreviate " CCBA " . Area of rising sun of business address Beijing east road of 3 annulus north edifice of 28 Bo Zhi.

Chinese bridge association held water in June 1980, it is the mass organizations of national masses sports that has independent corporate organization, it is the blame that forms of one's own accord by the unit that has deep love for bridge motion and individual seeks profits the gender is professional organism, it is the member that sports of China whole nation always meets, it is approbatory of Chinese Olympic committee national campaign association, it is to represent China to join world bridge union, too inferior the exclusive and legal organization of bridge federation and corresponding international bridge motion. Its tenet is: Abide by constitution, law, code and national policy, observe social morality prevailing custom; Solidarity is broad the bridge worker, lover and care, abroad public figure that supports this one project, bring into play and develop all positive factors, the bridge that gain ground and develops China moves, raise level of bridge motion technology, implement plan of fitness of the whole people, serve to promote socialistic material civilization and cultural and ideological progress; Begin international communication extensively at the same time, serve to expand and promote the friendship of world people.

The top authority orgnaization of Chinese bridge association is member congress, committee is the actuator of member congress, the work of association is handled during member congress concludes. Chinese bridge association is active leader member is: Honorary president 10 thousand lis, advisory man closes root, Wang Hanbin, A Pei. Awangjinmei, Yang Xiaoyan, chairman Rong Gaotang, full-time vice-chairman holds secretary-general Liu Gang concurrently, deputy secretary-general Chen Zelan (hold treasurer concurrently) , Fan Ansheng.

Chinese bridge association sets ministry of contest of the office, training, amateur to develop ministry, development to manage a ministry to wait to handle affairs daily orgnaization, the civil service that begins each business to work to be in charge of association, public concern, financial management, law seeks advice from Wu of commonplace waiting for day.

According to working need, chinese bridge association established agonistic committee, judgment committee, academic technology technically still to study committee of committee, teenage bridge, news publishs committee of committee, senile bridge and fund to manage 7 special committee such as committee to begin relevant business to work.

Chinese bridge association insists to launch bridge campaign actively all the time, enlarge bridge population, gain ground with raise the principle that pay equal attention to.

Begin to execute a member to make in the whole nation from 1990, made to original member 2000 undertook reform, with more benefit participates in bridge activity at what of all kinds member goes to the lavatory. Chinese bridge academician assigns unit member and individual member, unit member is divided again for academician and club member. Academician is to show the bridge motion inside pair of place administer area or system has the bridge orgnaization of management, harmonious, directive function or organization, club member is in order to develop bridge activity, popularize the organization of bridge knowledge, activity of basic level bridge that improves bridge technology level to give priority to, cent is A, B two kinds, club of of all kinds bridge all can apply for to become member of club of Chinese bridge association. At present the unit member of Chinese bridge association already had 151.
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