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BBO bridge
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One, BBO bridge introduces

BBO=Bridge Base Online, the means bridge base of Chinese online or bridge base is online website, it is a when Fred Gittleman of hand of Canadian famous card manages free online bridge websites, very marvellous. The bridge with the most professional whole world is online website, the match of the cup, match of European champion cup and NEC is in 100 act dock-glass and Weinisi over there hookup, chinese A kind club match has moved BBO hookup.

BBO Web homepage: Http://

2, the installation software of BBO
  1. BBO installs a program to download a page is:
  2. Http://

  3. After landing BBO, if have new version, have in caption column upgrade program download shows, the ability after download ends can hint upgrade the program already downloaded to whether be installed.

3, BBO is registered and install simply

1, how is BBO registered

After installation is finished, can doubleclick the icon of BBO, appear land an interface, click " New Member " pushbutton, can undertake registered, the BBO that uppermost is you lands Id, had better use simple him facial expression catchy, if identical Id has been registered, so you change. Had better go up in the dot on Remember option " V " such passwords save the PC in you automatically to go up, click " Login " you enter pushbutton BBO.

2, how is BBO installed

After entering BBO, what appear above all is BBO News window, you can shut it first, click the gear form icon below to undertake installing, chinese chooses in Language option, nod Ok next, your BBO interface becomes Chinese change.

Click oneself Id, can install your private information, level of citizenship, technology (oneself think) , Email, full name, general agreement card is written in " other data " inside, still can install notes chatting notes and card games record to wait a moment. Click " friend / the enemy " pushbutton, can go in Id input of the good friend. Attention: Good friend and enemy can use mouse right key to come directly set, when setting good friend is landed, can remind.

4, BBO main function introduces
  1. Card games

  2. Click " card games " hind the horizontal stroke that appears to make memorial tablet place 5 times, it is masses card room, private club, communal club, tounament and team type contest respectively.

    1. Masses card room: You can enter the table-board card games of empty seat, but the desk of table-board advocate have right your discharge. Also can build oneself table-board, you are desk advocate, built table-board can add a lock to undertake limitative to card hand and audience, also can be seat of your good friend obligate: Also can be seat of your good friend obligate::

    2. Private club: Need registers ability to be able to be entered.

    3. Communal club: You can enter card games at any time, with function of masses card room.
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