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Bridge was 2002 only Asia Game and 2004 the performance project of the Olympic Games, and hopeful is entered Autumn 2008 the Olympic Games, accordingly, although congress of sports of the 3rd whole nation has bridge project, but bridge still does not belong to athletic sports on classification now, belong to recreational recreation however - - bridge game.

Should be in reality the person that collect can play bridge 4 times together sits same piece before the table, far not as good as the person that 4 meetings play bridge becomes one table in the collect on the net so convenience, in fact, game of the bridge on the net has become the main form of bridge game.

Game of the bridge on the net that person energy of life centers quite basically has couplet game of numerous world bridge and bridge base are online (BBO, bridge Base Online) .

Game of bridge of couplet numerous world (Http://bridge.ourgame.com/) the card that is couplet numerous world kind one of game, it is current the whole world is online the bridge game with maximum number. Want to have bridge game in couplet numerous world, want to download hall of game of installation couplet numerous world first, be in couplet numerous world at the same time website (Http://register.ourgame.com/regist/index.html) register an ID, after the hall of game of couplet numerous world with moving fine installation uses the ID that has registered to login, the card that doubleclicks interfacial left kind game, in the card that open kind bridge is doubleclicked in game catalog, after client of game of good according to clew installation bridge carries a program, can enter room of bridge game card to have game of the bridge on the net. The bridge game that couplet numerous world can play freely has stick a point (freedom is card room, primary card room, medium advanced card room, free site, place site) , double entry of couplet numerous all corners of the country is surpassed (couplet numerous all corners of the country - - everybody can sit down card.

Bridge base is online (Http://www.bridgebase.com/) it is the service of online bridge game that the Fred Gitelman that ever had won Canadian bridge championship establishs, the online bridge game that is a major serves platform. Although often have the card hand of world-class,be in BBO card games, but the integral level of the card hand in BBO card games not as good as of couplet numerous world, online number also not as good as the half of game of bridge of couplet numerous world. After installing good BBO program, landing casing to nod " New Member " had filled corresponding content to be able to land card games. The primary language of BBO is English, have Chinese edition, the Chinese that also card friend is made is used demonstrate. What need an attention in BBO card games is, if be the same as desk card games with the foreigner, do not chat with Chinese and explain call to make taste, be complained likely otherwise and was sealed ID and IP.
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