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Chinese bridge net can be divided roughly from the function collect for bridge data, the service website that bridge friend communicates platform of game of community, online bridge, bridge assist the type such as official website.

One, bridge data is collected kind Chinese bridge net

Bridge data collects the basic form that the website is the Chinese bridge network that inchoate individual establishs, the bridge world that has little bridge other people, bridge and orchid, Xiaoxiao, basically collect bridge data to offer card friend online read, do best the most complete is with " the bridge library that construction gives a network to go up " the little bridge other people that is a tenet. The still has Zhang Min bridge that the Chinese bridge net of this respect is worth to be carried is in China, this website if some words, should do earlier, shut early also, although play bridge to also fail to had visited bridge than prior swordsman on the net,be in China this website, the understanding in a few words that can come out from the search in searching engine only now arrives a bit, but sign in great quantities the bridge electron book in China and Zhang Min mixes bridge data, let a person must admire bridge to be opposite in China and Zhang Min the tremendous devotion that bridge book and data electron turn.

From 2003 De Xiaoqiao's other people is shut begin, afore-mentioned Chinese bridge nets are shut in succession.

The Chinese bridge net that bridge data collects now basically has clone and abounded the little bridge other people of content and 13P, little bridge other people classifies catalog compendiously, can consult quickly of all kinds bridge data; There is the many literary works that collect an interest to suit to one does not have spare time of a ground to look inside 13P taste an interest. The data of respect of bridge application software, bridge world all the time be the champion, introduced major bridge card education and analytic software. The address of the website of the bridge data that the 壇 of 橋 藝 論 that Taiwan saves collected many abroad and webpage. Can say, the electronic bridge of the majority studies a data, can find basically on these 4 websites.

2, bridge friend communicates community kind Chinese bridge net

It is current that bridge friend communicates community the mainstream of Chinese bridge net, the website that has group of lover of the bridge on bridge club and net two kinds.

The website of bridge club is not much, the famousest is Shanghai is not had the club without bridge net, there is the column of bridge Great Master of many open sexes on its forum, grumous bridge theory discusses atmosphere, it is to consult a problem at present, discuss the bridge classics, best site that improves card art. Without bridge net besides, have sth. worth seeing or reading still have division big bridge.
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