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Raise the effective method of bridge level
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The victory or defeat of bridge game, with its carry dosage of the technology is having very big concern, build accurate technical system to reach effective to its in actual combat apply, very important to increasing the probability of the get victory in card games, when other factor is certain, carry dosage of the technology is bigger, winning probability also can be jumped over tall. In actual card games, of a lot of deputy cards wrong and bring about lose cent, not be the card hand lack to corresponding technology, do not have the result that tries to use to its however.

Accompany the study of bridge, the technical measure that card hand place masters is increasing, when reaching certain level, in card hand card games, the time that bridge regulation allows and cerebra call the speed of bridge technology to be able to form contradiction necessarily, the result of conflict is card hand is brought into play without will corresponding technology sometimes come out, cause the error of card games thereby, after card games, after-thought of hand of common shop sign rises, it is to be able to realize an among them truth, but when be late already, such, apply to the adroitness of these technologies appear very important. Build accurate bridge technology system, the chain that arranges clarity is meshy structure, its thinking form finalizes the design change, can raise the rate of thinking greatly necessarily, increase carry dosage of the technology, also can vacate more time to use specific card situation at the same time thinking.

One, build halt warehouse

Reading a book is well-known effective method, important is the study method that knows you in carrying out learning process, go, cannot look, had looked to undertake generalizing summing up to among them point later, know its to know its the reason why even like that, come down with the formal record of note, the understanding of system of this pair of call and card games technology, memory and the following wraparound finalize the design very advantageous. The learning process of bridge is carried out one by one theoretically namely carry out again one by one theoretically again one by one one by one, circulate with this, for the small cycle from the loop, theory and practice mix together, this can make card hand has little scope rise, but the meeting in actual combat has turn over reproduction to resemble; For the old cycle from the loop, every time can make card hand reachs a taller state circularly. Can so say, grasp fine card hand to bridge theory, can not become fine card hand certainly; But for academic to bridge sciolist, he is become hand of a good shop sign impossibly forever. See book, close understanding more, finalize the design changing is the efficient way that leads to advanced card hand.

Summary of actual combat experience generalizes the another a magic weapon that is study, crucial is to summing up the formal record that note still should use after generalizing to come down, content became much should undertake classify, perserve will surely drip Shui Chenghe, computer stores revise convenient and quick, jotter remembers the long-term study that accords with many people to be used to, although hand of card of law of this one party all knows, but what use in study is not much however. The profit that such doing is technical systematization is mixed in the future finalize the design change creation condition, also be at the same time at ordinary times regular repeat study and memory to offer convenient.
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