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The 4th design and color forces call whole strategy
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In standard system, use the 4th design and color to force mostly call bureau 4SF, main reason is this pattern processing, the style is unified, facilitating memory. Actually the 4th design and color forces the agreement that makes a system also have sex of a lot of detail, my one by one reveals below:

(1) 1C-1D; 1H-1S/2S
This series is more special, processing of 1S of major brand handgrip cries to force naturally, and it is 2S processing
Enter artificially bureau force cry.

(2) 1C-1D; 1S-2H
Normally processing is into bureau force cry, but jump call 3H=splinter

(3) 1C-1H; 1S-2D
1D-1H; 1S-2C

The focus of difference of these two alignment is crying at jumping 3 rank low flower is 5-5 invite or force bureau. Major brand hand is the 4th design and color to force with respect to simple agreement for save trouble cry bureau, such jumping 5-5 of = calling 3m invites. But better processing just in time is actually contrary: When you hold 4/5M-5m to invite, do not describe low flower first, get out of the way calls a person to be described first whether hold supports 3 pieces, if find 5-3 to cooperate, decided trump card, the low flower that if was not found,describes you again is covered.

1D - 1H of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of 1C - 1H
5H-5C of = of 1S - 3C, force bureau
C of = of 2S - 3C is added cry, invite D of = of 3D of   of   of       to add cry, force bureau
5H-5D of 3D = , invite

(4) 1H-1S; 2C-2D
1H-1S; 2D-3C

The 1st alignment, you are OK with (3) same processing. But you cannot handle the 2nd array invitation circumstance, normally you should call 2NT to invite.

The meaning exchange of 1S of some cards handgrip and 1NT:

1H-1NT; 2m-2S = forces bureau
1H-1S; 2m-2S = weak card

(5) 1C-1H; 2D-2S
1C-1S; 2D-2H

This is low flower goes against the case that make, better processing is the natural meaning that withholds 2NT, such the 4th design and color forces cry one round, include the brand that stops infirmly.

1C - 1S
2D - 2H
= of 2S - 3C stops cry

(6) 1C-1S-2H-3D, 1D-1S-2H-3C

This is tall flower goes against the case that make, till normally need uses 2NT to make, cry- - Laibensuoer

1D - 1S of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of 1C - 1S
2H - 3C = 4SF of   of   of   of   of   of weak card of = of   of 2H - 2S
Of 2NT = C stop 3D = of   of   of   of   of   calling   is added well cry
3C   = adds those who call       2NT = D well to stop cry
3D   = 4SF

Simple style uses the 4th design and color to force cry bureau, jump directly so call 3m= to invite.

More detailed regulation can be such:

(1) 1C-1D: 1 rank force cry one round, 2 rank force cry bureau
(2) be like the 4th design and color under 2 rank should call design and color, force only cry one round (call 3m = not to force again cry)
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