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About call system
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Jeff Meckstroth:

I hold the position of ACBL agreement to call the committee member of committee now, we are in the demarcate of this respect is very strict; Many countries criticize this kind of way. But, we think must the card hand with such ability weaker protection, they are the great majority of participator. But, I object strongly to the practice of Macallan two-men invitational tournament. What what they make is turned the match of a truly advanced course into the performance to surpass. I understand the person that sponsor people hope it makes exhibition game, but I am not willing to attend a show. Special those who make a person rusty is, we win two championship repeatedly, they are ordered immediately gave a system to restrict. Worse is, after we agree to take part in the match they took out a system to limit an instrument, this is most make us angry. I like to enter a race, but, rodwell and my general also does not play the game that has systematic restriction again. I hope they can change a way, because we are willing,continue to attend Macallan invitational tournament.

Benito Garozzo:

The Lan Mei that uses before we are old spends a system to cannot have used the game that plays advanced course today. Leadu Pont and I did a lot of altering to this system, this version comparing is original now 10 times more ambitious. That old version is to be based on pilot, I spent very old time to just figure out this is a mistake. Card ability is the most important, we must want to shift the emphasis to this. When we and Wei Chongqing and accurate team card games, we developed " super essence is accurate " . This is a quite good system, but at that time we still emphasize bit of overmuch ground to be put in control respect, pair of cards the attention is insufficient. Want an attention above all ought to be a card model, and you are only right the companion's card after having adequate knowledge, you just can care control.

In two-men contest, you are basically OK and flat forget slam call. Should center energy to come village and defend - this is to lose minute of most place. In game of 4 people group, you need better system, make a field in contest especially. Current, the call of 70 % is in contest in crying, undertake, you must want to make taste the knowledge that has clarity to yours. Even if is in our summit summit period, our slam call is not quite good also. We learn in those days, of research insufficient. Everybody must keep learning, no matter you had taken how many champion. Always having new thing is worth you to learn, always new method can improve your bridge. I must admit, some people are happy to learn and some people detest study. My not very likes to learn, of course, if you are,from achieved system you are not willing to learn others it seems that. Between the one's early years of my card games, I must learn the thing that others creates. I in those days is press myself so make, because I think,become win the home.
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