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Leave to strong 2C cry should cry
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Assume you and companion take such card:

AQJX of   of C of   of KQ of   of D of   of H - of   of S   AKQJXXX
KXX of   of C of   of AXXX of   of D of   of JXXX of   of H of   of S   XX

If leave,call a person to discover companion hold D-A and C-K, without doubt he can call 7S. If he discovers a companion hold among them one magnify card, he can stop on 6S. If have C-K only, criterion vole will be attacked to delay, if hold D-A,of course still the opportunity is finished.

A method leaves call a person to be able to find two magnify shop sign. If he jumps after should cry,call S, no matter what this is, he asks to should call a person to show special control. I am unthinkable should call a person how to can decide to enter into the agreement finally. Of course, this is the example of an extreme, but it showed a principle: Strong card should decide to enter into the agreement, and weak card must show its place hold. A lot of card hands always violate this principle, unless their hold is pretty good card, or one good set, they always are used " await sexual 2D " . When I see the following call, I can't help tremble:




Weak card (should call a person) should not control call.

Be in the United States, use 2H generally to show Double Negative of double give the impression of weakness, normally little at 3HCP, nevertheless, this agreement is used to cry when still a few cards hold QJ or 3J. I do not like this agreement, have two reasons at least:

Above all, it does not provide useful information. Leave when me call 2C, I hope to be able to be entered bureau, unless I am all model card, the plan calls 2NT again. If I am only,think bureau, do not need this kind to distinguish, I need a few lot only can. More useful information should be the possibility that whether we have slam.

Accordingly, I recommend 2D to should make hold 2 K in the negative, 7HCP includes 1A, or 8HCP includes 1K. When you hold more big pip or can not make cover, should call 2H simply (should call 2NT to show H is covered, exchange 2H and 2NT purpose are to allow to call a person to call 2NT again, should make the person can use Si Taiman Stayman or be transferred so)

My " can make cover " indication Q10XXX or finer tall flower, if be low flower,cover even again better. When together when brand force is close to slam, low flower and tall flower are likewise important actually, but 3C and 3D should make appear a little crowded. When you hold brim card, I am recommended all model should call 2H, and give an indication blame all model, be like:

QXX of   of C of   of QXX of   of D of   of KX of   of H of   of S   QXXXX should call 2H
KXX of   of C of   of KJXX of   of D of   of X of   of H of   of S   QXXXX should call 2S

Another reason is, should call 2H to show normally all model card, the length that such companions need not worry about him normally is covered be being faced is a sheet piece. The example below indicates the good point that restricted 2D should make:
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