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Automatic two-men surpasses shift of Switzerland of open two-men contest
Great Master cent inquires Great Master cent surpasses challenge of stair signing up
Stair is challenged (divide without the Great Master) school Great Master assigns a rank
Inferior net of bridge of China of inquiry of exemple of Xuan Yaxuan card
BBO hookup plans mark of BBO of card games record The club is mixed school Guangdong of association of bridge of the Gansu Province of association of the long bridge that order city saves 06 stars Electromechanical of institute of technology of profession of city of Lu of network of information of bridge of Jin Shuiqiao of club of big bridge of division of network of bridge of Hunan of club of bridge of electric power of bridge association Hubei is the bridge assist 6 with world of bridge of forum of predestined relationship bridge association of bridge of Pu Tian city Couplet numerous all corners of the country Couplet numerous all corners of the country Card games fast check Yellow card of standard of call nature United States is accurate blue line wintersweet
Defend call head attacks card Zhang Anquan to hit law sheet to cover dozen of method
Bridge plan is divided System of commonly used call Beautiful GB of nature of numerous standard of couplet of ZR51CF   ZRNF allows Huang Ka
Accurate blue line wintersweet 2 lids one Bridge resource website The bridge data-base of 13P of little bridge other people Bridge forum The 壇 of 論 of 藝 of 橋 of friendly folk bridge of numerous bridge of BBO forum couplet is not had forum
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