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The skill of call
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In call process, the phenomenon that does not press formulary call often produces, should say, this kind of phenomenon always can happen. Look in a lot of abecedarian, 9 big pip should give call deviate troublesome, then this problem offers title. About this problem, can answer back and forth from a few respects:

1. Abecedarian phase. Abecedarian still is learning level, before learning major call content, do not talk to go up to be applied neatly, what is the regulation that still does not know to call 2NT for example, want to apply 2NT to leave neatly crying is impossible, follow rules also became the condition that phase of begin to learn should observe absolutely. Learn and use method of a call adroitly, need a paragraph of longer time, the call regulation of the other of this call law has not learned, do not know not to press formulary call to be able to appear what kind of bad situation, be eager to undertaking by the regulation call is ignorant expression so. The teacher as abecedarian (or master) , be necessary completely to show the harm that does not bring by custom call in phase of begin to learn.

2. Primary card hand. Primary card hand agrees in commonly used call (or regulation) the respect has done not have a problem, major call content has learned basically also, but also be to had learned merely, still cannot affirm already very skilled, all views and style did not shape, follow rules is essential still.

Final decision of the companion often depends on your call, do not press formulary call, very easy companion misdirect. Once companion by misdirect, those who await you is probable it is catastrophic.

3. Often do two people of PD. As two people that often do PD together, call of follow rules ground is the base that develops mutual trust, the call of custom can make the companion always lies an easy environment, the call of custom is unapt the source that generates bad to enter into the agreement, can compare about surely very much much.

If always do not press formulary call, the companion's distrust had reason, trust have no way is mentioned each other. Bridge is not a chess kind, cannot fight independently, distrust companion is very terrible and very abominable, the call of two people calls each each, can have reached enter into the agreement.

4. Long-term prim call is met how. Call of ground of extended toe the line, can develop oneself rigorous call style, proper analysis and judgement, and good logistic inference ability.

A person often does not press custom call, often think oneself do a place of business, make not the call of custom, result often because of this misdirect companion. Once the companion's inference is injudicious because of your incorrect call, his confidence will be hit, stricken time is much, he has inferential enthusiasm no longer, then assume sth as a matter of course replaced correct deduction, bad enter into the agreement often patronage your cough up.
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