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Bridge ability begs gist of essence of life----The 1st chapter abuses an agreeme
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Some people emphasize the ground thinking, if leave besides 2 pairs of levels,cry beyond, other all agreements call a law to give taboo, bridge will be a kind of better game. Of course this view that is a small number of people, but this kind has representative typical controversy, if want,be in golf play, insist to allow only use a mallet to come drive is same.

In the final analysis, the agreement of right kind makes a way, it is to make bridge game becomes right we more easiness is easy and the design comes out. If these agreements call a law to be able to not achieve this goal often, wrong depend on us, and do not call a law itself in these agreements. We use an agreement overly to make a way easily, often go up in a pair of improper card, or on an improper hour use agreement makes a way. Such ground use an agreement to make a way, get satisfactory result impossibly.

On the choice that uses which kind of agreements to make a way, may have difficulty. Agree of late especially call a law to appear a lot of, card hand people situation hard choice. All sorts of new agreements that appearing every year make a way in, having a few is good, certain have doubt, and have a few additionally pure it is a kick in one's gallop, only their contriver just can like them.

To abecedarian, my proposal is to maintain simplification as far as possible. Use Sitaiman and Hei Mu only, and one or two other line of business had gotten time test and the agreement of stand firm makes a way. To can playing bridge effectively for, these can satisfy need already completely. In the future, had gained a few experience in you. When and you feel again having need, can raise standard of call of a few agreements again. But, at this moment the choice that you still must have height, avoid to use the overmuch agreement that exceeds your in one's power to make a way. Youthful card hand often makes a kind of such mistakes, it is strive uses him new agreement of heard avery kind of makes a way. These card the back of hand are worn overweight pocket, walking falter is worn, why to always get unsuccessful result to themselves, 100 think of do not get its to solve. The reason depends on, they used half the time defective agreement makes a way; Additional, when although correct agreement chose successfully in them,making a way, it is not clear that they also are done to be being used correctly what this agreement makes a way. Every increase an agreement to make a way, can give them to accentuate on memory a burden, and increase the risk of a fiasco.

Use below 3 standards call a law to try to examine to any agreement, you accept or reject with respect to correctly decision:

1. For a kind of brand that this agreement makes a law design place to plan to apply to it, be effective really?
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