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Per cent exam -- preface
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Without the knowledge of per cent respect, cannot become a crackajack bridge player. Actually, this is not a very difficult course, it is the route that chooses to have best and successful opportunity from inside the card games way that a few have branch nevertheless. Those veteran that can arrange an all sorts of probability to compare people, be benefited boundless is him always apologize to the companion rarely at happy locally.

If you still have some of doubt to the knowledge of this respect, this book can be aided for certain at you. The author is placed a few look be like the examination questions with simple complex in fact, invite you to finish these titles, examine from which the skill of your this respect.

The guiding ideology that gives a title is to help you spy best card games line. If things go on like this, you will send the benefit that becomes aware “ uses earning of ” of probability theory card games to arrive and fun increasingly.

When you deal the card of a pair of common combination, can you always opt maximum successful chance? To any one wants to improve his the card hand of bridge art

For, the knowledge that masters per cent respect is most main thing. Of this part knowledge forming is strict mathematical law, how do knowing these law act well, meet after all to you helpful. If before dozen of way that you always take less successful chance, so through reading this book, can bring about you finally to be able to be opposite no longer this scratch one's head over.

This is not to say you want to hit bridge to must become one digit to learn an exam the medium person that above average. Actually, bridge player needs to remember a few simple numbers well only. The successful rate that he knows flying card is 50% ; And need two fly one in when (namely when Shuang Fei) , its are into power 75% . Taking 9 pieces of trump card, he realises the possibility of distributive of trump card 2-2 that leave is occupied 40% , have an in part the likelihood will be 3-1 allocation. When there are 5 pieces of trump cards outside, the possibility that he is clear about to 3-2 distributings is 68% , be more than 4-1 distributive 28% , when he still is familiar with 6 pieces of cards likewise, 3-3 distributings occupy 36% , 4-2 distributings occupy 48% , and 5-1 distributings to be occupied only 15% . Form these numbers, the card hand in actual combat is hit in a few open to question kinds the chess is lifted to did not time before the law, can make well-advised choice, have the capacity that finds out the greatest assorted success opportunity from inside all sorts of successful opportunities.
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