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Law of Huang Ka call of standard United States: Emulative call
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The likely call alignment here is endless, because this should draft simple regulation,misunderstand in order to prevent between the companion

1. Buckle those who call RHO to cover express to just have originally into bureau actual strength but not clear still what enters into the agreement optimal. Show normally to enter bureau force call a gender to increase call power.

2. In first-order level should cry with did not contend for when crying same, should call a person first support fly design and color calling a person, in 2 rank new flower should make show at least 5 pieces are covered commonly with above of 10 big pip, if be to be in 3 rank, enter namely bureau force cry.

3. Negative use 2S doubly till, assure to be in another did not call tall flower 4 pieces of above. Attention: Be exceptional after 1C-1D, make sure two did not call tall beautiful 4-4 above right now. In 2 rank or tall flower makes state above and 5 pieces of above were covered at 11 o'clock on higher level.

4. Double to losing should cry: What A) falls into bureau line is smooth cry: Do not force cry, little at 16 big pipB) jumps cry: Do not force cry, 16-18 big pipC) buckles call hostile design and color: Above of 19 big pip, force cry bureauD)PASS (few) : Castigatory sex

5. is lost double person into under the bureau make divide again buckle outside calling hostile design and color, all do not force cry

Because 6. is used lose double, the companion cannot undertake castigatory a gender in direct position double, accordingly, should contend for hostily when two PASS are being caught after crying, call a person to be in hostile design and color is little at 2 Zhang Shi should try reopen to call a sex double so that the companion is when strong card of hold of hostile design and color,can punish sexual PASS.

7. if RHO (home of right hand enemy) make technical double:
1X- - (X)- -A)1H/1S = forces cry, particle power is unlimitedB)2C = does not force cry (6-10 big pip, cover for 6 pieces normally)C)2NT = restricted is added cry (at least 10 big pip) or betterD) is again double above of = 10 big pip, unwell at calling 1H/1S/2NT. Sex of E)3D = nick, good trump card supports but little at 10 big pip.

8. is in RHO (home of right hand enemy) PASS hind is technical to the companion double should cry:
(1X) - X- - (PASS)- -A) is smooth call = 0-9 of design and color the dotBig pip of B)1NT = 6-10, average card, have in hostile design and color stop pieceBig pip of C)2NT = 10-12, have in hostile design and color stop piece, without 4 pieces of tall flowersD) jumps call = 10-12 the dot, do not force cryE) buckles the 4-4 above that calls = 13 dot above or 10-12 dot to be spent highBig pip of F)3NT = 13-16, G) double jump call = little at 10 o'clock, 6 pieces of above, nick sex. H)PASS (rare) = has 5 pieces of above in hostile design and color (value 3 mound)

9. is in should cry infirmly (make the same score namely call design and color) hind technical double person cry again: A)PASS = is little at 15 big pipB) is added call = 16-18 big pip, 4 pieces of support; Add actively below blame competition call call one class to arrive 3 rank for 18-20 big pipC) jumps add call = 18-20 big pip, 4 pieces of supportD) spends = 18-20 big pip newly, 5 pieces of above are covered (if be in another did not call tall flower to 4 pieces can order force a bit less)E) jumps make spend the adamancy on = 6 Zhang Yi newly to cover, strong card but do not force cry. Big pip of F)1NT = 18-20When crying, G)2NT = is made the same score is 19-21 big pip, jump crying is 21-22 big pipH)3NT = has 9 to win clusterI) is buckled call = 21 big pip above, have slam interest
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