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Law of Huang Ka call of standard United States: Defend call
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1. Super- after making show 〔 of 8-16 big pip is double, go out again set express stronger brand force 〕 , in should crying force crying is to buckle exclusively call hostile design and color, the requirement exceeds answer calling a person to exceed the quality that call:
Right 1 rank super- cry should cry as follows: A) adds cry: 3 pieces of above support, 6-11 dotB) adds call 2 level: 4 pieces of above support, 10-12 dotC) enters bureau: 4 pieces of above support, weak card cardD) 1NT: 9-12 dot; 2NT: Smooth call 11-13 big pip, jump call 3NT of 13-15 big pip: 15-16 big pipE) new colors: Do not force cry, express to cooperate to exceeding the design and color that calls a person to not have normally. F) buckles cry: Into bureau force cry

2.1NT exceeds the average brand that makes express 15-18 big pip 〔 to be opposite hostile call design and color to have stop piece of 〕 , the other outside the Sitaiman that divide 2C makes taste all be not make taste artificially.

3. jumps contend for calling 2NT is not common NT, show two inferior design and color at least 5-5 above, it also can be used at Gai Jiaojiang 2C to leave cry, 〔 but need not make lose at the lid 2 rank cry- - right now 2NT expresses 〕 of 16-19 big pip, should make be: The choice cries, jump the choice cries (nick sex) , buckle make explore to enter bureau or slam, new colors (do not force cry) , 3NT, hei Mu 4NT.

4. jumps the lid call nick sex, as other as this class call value identical.

5. forces in balance position, blame call a gender to add cry and leave to 1NT cry, nick sex leaves after crying, do not use jump the lid cries

6. is become hostile when calling only, buckle make state Mai Keer MICHAELS is buckled cry, indication 5-5 above two, when hostile leave when calling low flower, buckle make show two tall flowers, when hostile leave when calling tall flower, buckle make state another tall flower reachs one sealed low flower.

7. is when competitive call, if should call a person to cannot call 2NT, he can call 4C (do not force cry) or 4NT (force cry) will find low flower to cover.

8.3NT is to enter forever bureau stop cry

Reopen of 9. balance position makes leave with direct position make likeness, but its nod the likelihood force is smaller. 1NT indication 10-15 calls big pip in reopen of the 4th position, the attention is in just have originally this is not used to make taste when the bureau. Should have had set reach when calling actual strength, should use jump contend for cry, double hind call 2NT to express 16-17 big pip, call 2NT to express 18-20 big pip directly. Buckle make express technical double actual strength is in buckle call sheet of design and color to be short of.

10. is right hostile make be in under 4D did not become bureau those who make taste is double it is technical double, be opposite bureau those who make taste is double it is chastening, right technical double not vulnerable jumps should crying invite a gender, if want to force,cry, should call a person to should be buckled make leave hostily call design and color.
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