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China essence allows to make: 1C leaves make reach follow-up call
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1C leaves cry: Above held the post of at 16 o'clock why card, force cry
1D: Dot of 0 - 7
1H, 1S, 2C, 2D: Dot of 16 - 21, normally 5 pieces, do not force cry
1NT: Dot of 16 - 18, average card
2C: Stayman, enquire tall flower
2D/2H: Changeover cries, approach leaves call a person to call 2H /2S
2S: 2 of least 5 - 5 low flowers
2NT: Invite bureau
3C/3D: Stop cry, the wintersweet of 6 pieces of above
2NT: Dot of 19 - 21, average card
3C: Stayman, enquire tall flower
3D: Flint, approach leaves call a person to call 3H, sodden card, tall flower is long set
3H /3S: The card variety of designs of 5 pieces of above, force cry
3NT: Stop cry
4C: Dot of 0 - 4, above of 2 low beautiful 5-5
4D /4H: Changeover 4H/4S
4S: Dot of 5 - 7, above of 2 low beautiful 5-5, force is centered in low flower
3NT: Dot of 25 - 27, average card
4C: Baron, enquire variety of designs of 4 pieces of cards, not demarcate is spent high
From lowest 4 pieces design and color cries, both sides was not found PASS is not gotten before cooperating
4D/4H: Changeover 4H/4S
4NT: Invite call small 滿 貫
2H, 2S, 3C, 3D: At 22 o'clock above, place call design and color is covered for half adamancy at least, force cry
2 degrees inactive answer cry: Dot of 0 - 3, any cards, (2S, 3C, 3D, 3H)
Call a person to call new flower again, force cry, answer call person choose its relatively beautiful supports
Enthusiasm answers cry: 4- 7 dot, have 3 pieces of trump card first support, deny 則 to cry 5
The design and color on Zhang Yi, or without will
3H, 3S, 4C, 4D: At 22 o'clock above, what calling is color of odd Zhang Hua, force cry
The person that return a card needs the 決 on 須 horse wants what to hit to enter into the agreement surely
1H, 1S, 2C, 2D: At 8 o'clock above, at least 5 pieces card variety of designs
Agree with trump card, increase one support: 3 pieces of above, for 6 class inquiry
Call a new flower again (blame jump call) , for 5 class inquiry
Call a new flower again, for 3 class inquiry
Tall flower increases 2 support: Dot of 19 - 21, trump card the good support of 4 pieces of above,
Tall flower adds directly cry bureau: The average card that 16 - 18 chooses, the trump card of 4 pieces of above supports,
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