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China essence allows to make: 1H/S leaves make reach follow-up call
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1H, 1S: 11 - 15 big pip, 5 pieces of above are covered, leave normally those who cry is the longest on the hand is covered, when 2 grow euqally,
Choose to call taller design and color (exceptional: Lane ê appears Fu ㄊ ?-5, still call tall flower)

Increase one support: Dot of 8 - 10, trump card of 3 pieces of above supports
Short door invites cry: Call a design and color directly, the 3C after 1S-2S, 3D, 3H expresses wintersweet, diamonds, red
The short door of the heart is invited cry, the 2NT after 1H-2H, 3C, 3D expresses spade, wintersweet, diamonds
short door is invited cry
Long door invites cry: 2NT-3C cries again after 1S-2S, call a person to call 3D again, 3H, 3S expresses diamonds, hearts
The long door of wintersweet is invited cry, 2S-2NT cries again after 1H-2H, call a person to call 3C again, 3D, 3H
Express wintersweet, diamonds, the long door of spade is invited cry, should be restricted high normally namely dot of 14 - 15
Invite directly cry: Call a person to call a 3H directly, 3S, want to be restricted high normally, and answer calling a person to be like also is to be restricted high namely 11
The 話 of the dot cries bureau
Increase 2 support: Dot of 11 - 13, the trump card of one magnify card supports 4 pieces of above or 3 pieces of 帶
Jump directly cry bureau: Trump card is exceeding cooperate, at least 4 pieces of above
Jump call 3NT: The average card that 13 - 15 chooses, trump card has 4 pieces of above to support, have one magnify card at least, force cry
Leave the hope that if think to have slam,calls a person, buckle from lowermost design and color make have pilot design and color
2 class jump call new flower: Splinter, dot of 13 - 15, trump card pole cooperates, what calling is gap of odd Zhang Huo
One lid replies (1H - 1S) : At 8 o'clock above, spade of 4 pieces of above, force cry one round
2 lids reply: At 11 o'clock above, what calling is 5 pieces are covered normally, force cry one round
Jump call 2NT: Above is average at 16 o'clock card, normally 16 - 18 is nodded, cannot 5 pieces are covered
1NT: Fierce willful changes? of Lin of male of Lu of ancient wine vessel not to suit above to make taste, former 則 8-10 is nodded, yi Ke forces to 15 o'clock more cry
Jump call new flower: 7 pieces of above are covered, won't exceed at 8 o'clock, force is centered in the design and color that calls

Responsibility edits: Tianj

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