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Law of Huang Ka call of standard United States: 1NT leaves after crying should c
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1.2C: Tayman of solid  黶, call a person to must answer call 2D/2H/2S.

2.2D/2H: Acoby of Yun ticket 磈 transfers 2H/2S

3. 2S: Weak low flower, force call 3C, if be C is covered,should call a person next with respect to PASS, it is D is covered call 3D.

4. 3C/3D: Cover on = 6 Zhang Yi, invite call 3NT.

5. 3H/3S: Cover on = 6 Zhang Yi, slam interest (should use changeover to cry otherwise)

6. 4C: Ge Bai Gerber asks A.

7. If adversary is double, all agreements should cry effective still.

8. If adversary leaves to make have design and color or be not had to your 1NT,will contend for cry, use Sitaiman and changeover to cry no longer. Divide outside crying, buckling is to cry naturally, buckle right now make be used as Sitaiman and be had into bureau actual strength.

9. If changeover calls Jiekebei by double, leave it is OK to call a person PASS, express again doubly by double design and color it is to be covered by force, the changeover that finish shows trump card of 3 pieces of above, be restricted high when cooperating, be in by force 3 rank jump should cry. If leave,call a person PASS or again double, should call a person to be able to choose to cry naturally, again double, PASS. Or cry 2 rank tall flower stops cry.

10. If changeover makes be built to cry, call a person to be in when having strong support only 3 rank piece set, double it is chastening. If open PASS calling a person, should call a person to be able to make nature make taste, double in order to show actual strength, or PASS.

11. If Sitaiman by double, call a person to be able to make nature cry again, the PASS when 4 pieces of C, when strong C of 4 pieces of above is covered again double, if Sitaiman is built to cry, call a person to be able to be in 2 rank give 4 Zhanggao flowers to cover, the in covering hold in adversary punishs a gender when 4 pieces of above double, or PASS. Should make the person can continue to cry naturally again or make penalty below any circumstances the gender is double.

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