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Law of Huang Ka call of standard United States: 1H/1S leaves after crying should
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1. 1S = above of 4 pieces of at least 6 big pip, spade, the suggestion cooperates without hearts.

2. Big pip of 1NT = 6-10, deny have 4 pieces of spade or 3 pieces of hearts, do not force cry

3. Above of big pip of 2C/2D = 11, 4 pieces of above are covered

4. Hearts of 3 pieces of above supports 2H = , 6-10 is nodded (increase card point)

5. 2NT = forces cry bureau, for Jiekebei 2NT should cry, at 13 o'clock (increase card point) above, ask to call a person to show short so that should call a person to undertake slam estimates,cover. A) 3C/3D/3S = builds sheet of design and color to be short of, other makes taste have in the negative short setB) 4H = is low be restricted card15-17 of force of medium brand of C) 3NT = is noddedD) 3H = is restricted high brand force at 18 o'clock above
Should call a person to be able to be entered then bureau stop cry, hei Mu calls 4NT when having slam interest or undertake buckling crying

6.2S/3C/3D = jumps by force cry, slam invites

7.3H = restricted increases point of 10-12 calling 〔 , 〕 of hearts of 3 pieces of above, the proposal is in at 10 o'clock, weak 3 pieces of hearts, average card when should call 1NT.

8.Big pip of 3NT = 15-17, average card, hearts 2 pieces. 〔 makes taste as a result of this too tall, go against just explore further originally slam, because this is thinking 3NT is entered only only when the bureau applicable, do not have big shop sign in hearts for example and over AK of the JQ in the hand. 〕

9.4H = normally hearts of 5 pieces of above, additionally sheet of a design and color is short of, little at 10 big pip

10. should call a person subsequently call
If should call a person to be in first-order had called one design and color, ever since he has stop in the part to enter into the agreement, invite bureau, into bureau and force make all sorts of choices such as the bureauA) stops at what enter into the agreement partly to make effectively taste have: PASS/1NT/ is in 2 rank cry again foregoing
Design and color. B) new colors should call 〔 to be divided after the person should crying in 1NT calling 〕 again is to force call 〔 one round not to force call bureau 〕 , if be the 4th design and color,not be to call except of the 1C-1D-1H-1S that taste 〔 naturally 〕
Force in the 4th design and color after crying, call a person should:
1) makes should call the first design and color of the person when having 3 pieces of support, blame is low can jump in a limited time add cry.
2) calls the 2nd design and color to state weak card 〔 jumps to make express to have additional value again again, wonderful card 〕
3) calls NT to state the 4th design and color has stop piece of 〔 jump cry bureau have 〕 of additional brand force
4) is added call the 4th design and color to express to have 4 pieces
5) calls the first design and color to express to have additional actual strength and length again
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