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Law of Huang Ka call of standard United States: Slam call
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4NT of 1. Hei Mu asks A, should call a person to answer by class the number that makes A, next 5NT asks K, should assure to be grasped together right now have all 4 A
4NT, 5C(0, 4) , 5D(1) , 5H(2) , 5S(3)
4NT-5X-5NT-6C(0, 4) , 6D(1) , 6H(2) , 6S(3)

2. jumps call 5NT to force for vole cry, vole cries when asking the companion is in 2 pieces in the AKQ of hold trump card, call little slam otherwise.
5NT,= of design and color of A)6 rank trump card not 2 pieces of above in the AKQ of hold trump card. 2 pieces of above in the AKQ of trump card of hold of = of design and color of B)7 rank trump card.

If 3. uses Hei Mu person want to will enter into the agreement stop in the 〔 on 5NT discover A insufficient 〕 , can call a design and color that had not cried, should call a person to must call 5NT.

It is here a few use after agreeing with trump card buckle the regulation that make: A) (one's own side) did not call design and color first, gap of A precede over. B) has planned to buckle make order, of lowest buckle crying is not best certainly, below one round when it may bring about you buckle make be buckled than your counterchange when making order buckle cry tallerC) is buckled first call A, buckle again call K, D) is become when the bureau is the following, just buckle when slam hopes only cry, E) is in exceed trump card design and color 5 rank undertaking buckling crying is to explore vole. F) if one of companions had been judged piece optimal enter into the agreement, he answers as far as possible as soon as possible cries in order to avoid needless error. If G) is buckled cry by double, state this has control the 2nd round again doubly, PASS expresses to still have fun at. Buckle on the design and color that H) avoids to already had cried in the companion call sheet to be short of, unless can assure a companion,won't be being misunderstood is to have support.

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