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Law of Huang Ka call of standard United States: Weak 2 follow-up call that make
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1. Weak 2 make taste express 5-11 big pip, 6 pieces better set. The likelihood below special situation is 5 good pieces are covered, 7 pieces also may be difference cover 〔 to be able to 't be in 3 rank call 〕 , in another tall flower 4 pieces lose with when going up, should be not being used commonly 2 make taste. Should cry:

2. 2NT should cry is to force cry, show into bureau interest 〔 is used when adversary double or contend for original intention 〕 still maintains when making undertake disturbing, call a person to make be covered formerly again express low be restricted 5-8 big pip, tall there are A or K in making call another design and color to express to be covered here again in a limited time, if leave,call a person to be restricted high and there is 4 in one low flower or 5 pieces are covered, he should be in 4 rank call this low flower. Any running from opposite directions call design and color add calling a likelihood is nick sex, prepare to hit this to enter into the agreement, 3NT should cry also is to prepare to hit this to enter into the agreement

3. New colors should make state 5 pieces of above are covered, force cry one round, call a person to be added when 2 pieces of support with have 3 pieces good even cry.
Do not have when corresponding design and color calling a person when cooperating, call a person to should call regulation to be as follows:
Low in a limited time call lowermost level to be covered formerly again.
Tall in a limited time give new colors or make not have will

Right 3 rank above nick sex leaves cry should cry:
Any new flowers should call 〔 to be divided bureau the 〕 outside crying is to force cry

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