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Swim exercise value
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To cardiovascular action:

Swim to have quite main effect to the improvement of cardiovascular system. The stimulation of cold water can promote blood to circulate through action of adjustment of quantity of heat and metabolism; In addition special effect arrives since the loop that the pressure of the water when swimming and obstruction return pair of hearts and blood, when surface swims, body place susceptive is hydraulic already achieved every square centimeter 0.02, 0.05kg, when phreatic water as deepness increase, the change of physical condition, pressure still can increase, of natant speed accelerate also can increase pressure negative charge, atrium and ventricular musculature can get strengthening, the capacity of heart antrum also can be increased somewhat gradually, cardiac beats the frequency decreases, such cardiac activities can be saved change, whole blood circulatory system can get ameliorative however, shrink below static condition piece pressure rise somewhat, systole pressing drops somewhat, because value of this blood pressure becomes more advantageous; Hemal flexibility also rises somewhat. The basis concerns expert statistic, average person issues minutely heart to beat in quiet condition about 66, 72, every rich sendout is about 60, 80 milliliter, and attend for a long time swim the person that take exercise, below similar case order contracts 50 times or so, every rich sendout is achieved however 90, 120 milliliter.

To the action of respiratory system:

When natant exercise, what metabolic process and cardiovascular system work is economic change, cannot leave to feed oxygen in great quantities, mix as a result of water is oppressive thorax however abdomen, to inspiratory increased difficulty, ever somebody has done special test, the pectoral outline of the person when swimming should get 12, the pressure of 15kg water, so want to make the body obtains enough oxygen, breathing flesh must overcome this kind of pressure ceaselessly; When swimming additionally expiratory and general it is finish in underwater, and the density of water should want to be gotten greatly than airy density much, because this wants expiratory must exert oneself to do sth. , no matter be inspiratory,still be expiratory so the contractive power that can increase breathing flesh, can enhance the function of respiratory system thereby, increase vital capacity. The vital capacity of general and healthy man is 3000, 4000 milliliter, and often be engaged in swimmer, can achieve 5000, 6000 milliliter.

To action of human body cutaneous:

In natant process, as a result of the stimulation with warm water, airframe to assure enough temperature. Skin blood-vessel participated in important adjustment action, the stimulation of cold water can when the skin is vasomotor, in case quantity of heat diffuses outside body. At the same time the body intensifies producing quantity of heat again, make skin blood-vessel outspread, improve pair of skins to offer blood hemally, so long-term insist to take exercise can make cutaneous blood gets strengthening circularly.
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