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Competitive bridge at the same table with the master and the fans in the Maste
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3 night, in the second session of the Wujiang "the same in the Cup" National Masters track bridge, carried out a bridge Masters Tournament and the fans, after the 24 card game, Wang Weimin / Liu Yiqian and Wangzhen Hui / Shen Yu-ming points by the master group and enthusiasts group champion. Tournament players a total of 32 pairs of children to participate, of which 16 pairs of children is "the same in the Cup" National Bridge Masters players, the other 16 pairs are from Beijing, Shanghai and Wujiang local bridge enthusiasts. Lovers and bridge master and sit in North and South and East-West, each round after the shift, making the fans have the opportunity to master the different exchange licensing technology. Competition in a friendly atmosphere for a pleasant, 12-round after Wang Weimin / Liu Yiqian and Wangzhen Hui / Yu-Ming Shen won the Masters group, respectively, and enthusiasts group champion. Held during the Masters, Wujiang bridge enthusiasts to seize the rare opportunity to watch the bridge in the Masters race track, while not forgetting Field Please guide licensing technology gurus, but also through the networking of several small-scale surpass the a contest of strength with the master card addiction.
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