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Ink Tsinghua Wuhan city along the Yangtze River Bridge Invitational title
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The first five days the city along the Yangtze River Bridge Pearl River City Invitational on Saturday at Howard Johnson Hotel came to an end, Tsinghua University, Wuhan bridge team beat separate ways Ink strong competitors to win the championship. The event aims to promote friendly exchanges cities along the Yangtze River, and promote the healthy development of bridge movement. Total from 21 to 1 along the city team 10 athletes participated in the competition, including Shanghai, Nanjing and other teams in a number of Class A team and the club's professional players, gathered in the domestic over bridge master. Competition, Tsinghua University, Wuhan Ink team fighting and repeated wins bridge , Won the championship. Nanjing Team and the Shanghai team points were second and third.
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