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2010 China Masters Series honors bridge standing in Beijing the end of the eigh
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Sponsored by the Chinese Qiaoxie "Agricultural Bank of China Cup" 2010 China Bridge Association honorary Masters Series on the evening of the eighth stop in 23 major hotels in the capital, the end of Zhao Guanghua / Wang Hanbin Hongfu there and / Nieji Bo championship points awarded . A total of 10 stations of the Grand Prix event. System of two-person teams race with Mitchell, the audience playing the same card, and the overall ranking. The cumulative results of all races, two points of the partner and ranked 1-18 players to take May participate in the final Group A qualifying, and ranked 19-36 in the Group B game player to participate in the other Group C game player can participate. China's top six in each group can be an honorary master of Qiaoxie points. Total of 128 Chinese Bridge honors the eighth station masters participated in the race, the game total of six rounds, each round to play four cards, eventually Zhao Guanghua / Hong-fu and Wang Hanbin are / were one-two Nieji Bo, Li Weilin / Wing Strong third. Chinese Bridge honorary Masters Series is designed for Chinese Bridge competition held in honor of masters, the title of honorary master requires access to not only honor certain master points and must reach a certain age, only two Conditions are met people are eligible to become honorary master of bridge in China.
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