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9 days are summed up - Yan Ru of player of China of generation of gold of bridge
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Organization of 9 days of bridge surpasses armistice one day, those who undertake is man and the contend that woman individual surpasses, produce bridge game at the same time two gold.

What before be being surpassed with us, forecast is same, what man individual surpasses the first phase to ranked Haiernisi of first Norway player to maintain him is strong, pick easily gold. After case of partner sea Er not tightens therewith, carry off silver medal. Those who win bronze medal is Lu Mofu of case of Russia card hand. Hand of our country card is best the 7th achievement is Wang Xiaojing.

Medal of woman individual contest also did not run before 3 of the first phase, the first is the Kadalinna that comes from Sweden, the French player that silver medal player is be far ahead of the first phase lists dimension, and Chinese daughter is Yan Ru Chinese bridge team to bring the first medal, she obtained the 3rd.

The match is below concrete result:

男子 总分 百分比 女子 总分 百分比 金牌 海尔尼斯 (挪威) 657 58.7% 卡塔琳娜 (瑞典) 396.8 57.5% 银牌 海尔格莫 (挪威) 619 55.3% 列维 (法国) 394.2 57.1% 铜牌 格鲁莫夫 (俄罗斯) 602 53.8% 阎茹 (中国) 380.2 55.1%

The contention that individual of male and female surpasses the 2nd level is very intense. Contest rank stage high is leaving to reside head of a list of names posted up for a time in blessing of our country player, as him nevertheless oneself play owes beautiful, it is not quite good also to add lot, dropped a line very quickly. The match undertakes coming end, formed the state of Norwegian double male contend for hegemony very quickly. Haiernisi precedes nobody can be chased after all the way, hai Erge not is rectified through simple shift also put into high gear. Hand of our country card lacks window today, the blessing with the first banner phase counteracts Wang Xiaojing to go soft apparently, instead the Sun Shaolin after rank of the first phase leans and Zhao Jie rise in the leap up on pop chart rapid. Grandson little Lin Yi spent the place to go to the 4th. But contend for through, chinese card hand still did not obtain medal.
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