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Game of 7 days of bridge sums up the first world intellective games
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Chinese group battlefield report

7 days undertake is bridge the 10-12 of 5 groups project annulus preliminary contest.

Chinese male team adversary of 7 days is Portuguese, Hong Kong of Argentine, China. Actual strength of these 3 adversary is not strong, at present these 3 teams rank middle reaches. Behave with Portuguese match China team not beautiful, the processing of a few pairs of cards is not very accurate, with 9: 21 be beaten, this male to China team is very adverse, because right now Portuguese it is the adversary with space male the closest fleet. Good retrospective Argentina and Chinese Hong Kong are not male fleet opponent, 20: 10 conquer are Argentine, 25: 5 conquer Hong Kong, still withhold oneself the 4th position.

Chinese female team welcomes weak force today, kenya group pays a copy, it is the piscine Nan of one hundred percent. Saierweiya also is young team, only Philippine it is OK still to be ranked in this group, but Chinese female team is in too inferior the area is faced Philippine have not little advantage with mentally from actual strength. As expected, chinese female team obtains 3 to be gotten the better of greatly today, to Kenya guest of He Fei law was to take full marks 25, go up to also be taken personally in Saierweiya, with always separating group of 243.5 be far ahead each adversary.

Chinese youth group today's window is U21, they are behaved today special grab an eye, it is first 22: Team of United States of powerful nation of 8 conquer bridge, next 25: Made of baked clay accept of at present of rich of 0 sweep anything away, next 23: 7 get the better of Norway greatly. Be in and powerful nation of such old brand bridge is opposite the United States, Norway blast when, the card hand with young U21 not Wei strong opponent, dare hit dare go all out. Female team of they and China obtains 70 minutes euqally today, also by the 9th of yesterday jump litre reach the 5th.

Chinese bridge team is 7 days below match achievement:

Male team of China of the 10th round of place of the 11st round of the 12nd round of total cent is Portuguese 9: 21 is Argentine 20: Hong Kong of China of 10 25: Kenya of female team of China of 5 219 4 25: 5 is Philippine 25: 1 Saierweiya 20: 10 243. India of group of youth of U28 of China of 5 1 17: Latvian 14 of 13: 16 Saierweiya 17: Indonesia of group of youth of U26 of China of 13 216 3 14: Holand of 16 5: Chile of 25 11: United States of group of youth of U21 of China of 19 145 16 22: 25 of made of baked clay accept of at present of rich of 8: 0 is Norwegian 23: 7 207 5

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