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Team of China of end of the 9th round of preliminary contest behaves project of
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Chinese group battlefield report

What undertake today is bridge the 7-9 of 5 groups project annulus preliminary contest.

Chinese male team today's adversary is Holand, Mexico, India. These 3 adversary divide Mexico weaker outside, another Holand and India are the advantageous competitor that the group gives a clue, and today the name of in front of of the match is before Chinese male team.

Holand team is powerful group of a world, weisitela and Mu Le had obtained team member world champion, a few team member cooperate tacit understanding to have very strong fighting capacity, can say, actual strength of Holand team whole is not under China. Level of Indian bridge whole is not high, did not obtain the record of world competition good achievement. Although India is mixed on geography our photograph adjacent, but two areas are however on the partition from world bridge couplet, can be only with the match between Indian team so in world competition undertake. Indian team often can have outstanding show in the group game that plays world game, mix especially be engaged in a hand-to-hand fight of our China group, it is cheap that our may not was occupied. So Indian team also is the makes poll painful adversary of a type of a sticky candy.

China of the 7th round of match is small negative Holand, bilateral rank did not change, but seized the opportunity to pull open a distance with the Israel of the person that precede of the group and India. The 8th round of China chose a big purse, 25: 0 get the better of Mexican team madly. The 9th round, as expected, indian team arrival is not good at, the result is you one fist I one foot, authority is final also be handclasp make peace. Such, chinese team secures those who be in the 4th after match end today locally.

Chinese female team opponent is not weak also today, venezuela and Argentina are the powerful force of South America, another Spanish teams are to reside group head name at present more, can say the day is not today so feel well.

As expected, female team of the 7th round of China with respect to 12: The 18 Venezuela that were defeated by South America. The 8th round meet this group head name head-on Spanish team, you come to both sides my go toing, score in and out, female finally team 14: 16 small negative. The 9th round, female team reduces drop big eventually, 25: The score of 0 publishs group head name.

Chinese youth group other condition behaves 3 groups general. U28 today two get the better of lose, the place is compared yesterday drop back, row group the 3rd. U26 is gotten the better of two negative, the rank continues to back down, be in the 14th. U21 is behaved today not beautiful, be defeated by France and England greatly continuously, get 30 minutes only today, have not little difference 45 minutes with average branch, the place also is exited 8 strong, the platoon is in the 9th.

Chinese bridge team is 6 days below match achievement:
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