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Zhi Yunhui smoke of gunpowder lights bridge to come on stage first China has han
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Intellective games of the first world will begin in Beijing on October 3, had not held in the opening ceremony when, project of the first match had begun. And this project, one of heavy head projects that are this second match —— bridge.

Closure began at 8 o'clock in the evening, and 11 what the individual of men and women of —— of the first project of bridge game surpasses an at noon: 30 began ahead of schedule. Contest of bridge man individual has 36 people to sign up attend, woman individual contest has 24 people to attend, our country expedites hand of 6 famous brand to play the enter into rivalry that the individual surpasses respectively. These team member are:

Man: Wang Xiaojing, Sun Shaolin, Zhuang Zejun, blessing medium, Zhao Jie, Li Xin

Woman: Benefit of Sun Ming, Wang Hong, Wang Wenfei, Liu Yiqian, Zhang Yu, Yan Ru

Bridge game great majority is two-men even the organization fights, individual contest is held rarely, this is one compares the match that spells individual ability and basic skill. Hand of the card in the match will use the call that unites entirely system and defend system, hand of each famous brand wants and hand of other shop sign does partner and adversary engage in a battle respectively, final computation mark produces a winner. Our country signs up the card hand that take part in the match is the person above average in domestic plate hand, among them medium, Sun Shaolin has attended blessing to was mixed 1998 respectively the championship contest of world individual bridge 2000.

Man and woman individual contest are the project that emphasis of Chinese bridge group breaks through, it is not only take part in the match because of ours card hand is essence of life is carried fine chosen picked troops is strong will, and many what attend the foreign strong opponent that Bencibi surpasses to also do not have expect, especially the card hand that woman individual contest lacks the world to rank front row.

Nevertheless, although bridge man and woman individual contest are the first begins, but won't produce current Zhi Yunhui however the first gold, because the match October 3 is the first share that the individual surpasses only, the 2nd part wants to just will end on October 9, at the appointed time, the gold that generation individual of male and female surpasses also is the first gold of bridge project, this is the 9th gold of Zhi Yunhui at the same time.

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