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Preliminary contest of game of team of first Zhi Yunhui bridge is surpassed part
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Organization of game of Zhi Yunhui bridge surpasses a project to open contest 3 days, the contention that preliminary contest undertook 9 rounds, 17 rounds preliminary contest already passed altogether half. The match of 5 projects already all entered the most pleasant stage gradually, the group went line person selected to also have candidate.

Mem's team event:

Group of the A in 4 groups defends crown champion Italy one Zhi Duxiu, 9 rounds precede 185 minutes the 2nd Denmark 20 minutes, giving accident Italy will be name of A group head. B group Israel is the top mark in all groups 194 minutes, the line goes out to do not have a problem of course if they are developed normally, but the adversary actual strength at the back of Israel is stronger, they whether guarantee a group the first have many variable. Competition of the India in B group, Holand, China, Hungarian organic meeting gives a line to counterpoise. C group the first be reaved by Poland today, after world champion Norway tightens therewith, outside this two groups are being divided in C group, the topological features of other team is relatively sophisticated, china Taipei ranks at present 4. The parvenu Germany team that D group is this year the first, they surpass expression in the Ou Jin of summer special grab an eye, american team is exceeded by Germany today, nevertheless American team won't worry about situation giving a clue. The performance such as D group England, Indonesia, Turkey is good also.

Women's team event:

Be far ahead of England of group of the E in 3 groups, the mark is as high as 193, it is the United States and Italy next. F group Spain the first, but the mark has 175 only, chinese team differs Spain 1.5 minutes only. Powerful group France produces this series at present general, discharge only be in the 4th. G group Germany 187 the first, cent of Sweden, Hungarian, Singapore, Holand lists 2-5 name.

U28 youth group surpasses:

England last rounds get the better of India greatly, surmount Poland to become the first, poland is listed with 2 minutes of difference the 2nd, chinese platoon is in the 3rd. The United States of the most powerful group of U28, Italy be in 20 above, had not constituted menace to Chinese team temporarily. Do not cross the development as leg, powerful group can stand after all finally in front.

U26 youth group surpasses:

Poland is the person above average in this group, besides Australia and Chile, the platoon is advanced 8 is Euramerican powerful group.

U21 youth group surpasses:

France bridge of 9 rounds of 202 minutes of your collectivity take part in the match team feel deeply ashamed, england exceeds 20 every on average 183 minutes to divide also can Ganju ever since. Affirmation meets this two teams occupy position in knockout. A few another teams giving a clue very it's hard to say, connect the United States, Norway after such traditional bridge powerful nation also is in the 10th. Of this age group it is difficult to be not mixed firmly surely forecast a gender very apparent. (Li Jie)
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