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Fight of game of team of 21 years old of youth bridge stops 6 rounds French team
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Organization of bridge of intellective games of the first world is 21 years old of the following youths is surpassed battle stops the 6th round now, french team ranks head of a list of names posted up with 130 minutes. Chinese team with 107 minutes a row the 7th, be in promotion area.

This match shares 18 teams to take part in the match, need undertakes round robin 16 rounds, and before obtaining 8 team can promote 1/4 final. In 3 rounds of today's competitions that have, french team all the way Gao Ge, surmounted banner yesterday Bulgaria team to jump a list of names posted up of house integral a list of names posted up head.

Chinese team now conquer Argentine team, but lose at Australian team and polish team, integral falls from the 4th of yesterday reach the 7th. China Taipei team and England team have outstanding show today, at present cent is listed 2, 3.

Tomorrow of game of team of bridge of 21 years old of the following youths is remained have the competition 3 rounds, time opening contest is in the morning respectively at 10 o'clock, mixed at 2 o'clock afternoon late at 5 o'clock.

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