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Zhi Yunhui bridge takes the lead in contest
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Beijing on October 3 report (reporter Wang Jingyang) in the late evening before the opening ceremony, the bridge game of first world intellective games already began to undertake this morning.

Bridge is current and intellective games takes part in the match the project with athlete maximum number, also be the 2nd big project that gold setting is next to chess. On current world intellective games, bridge sets 9 Xiaoxiang in all, it is respectively: Contest of individual of contest of individual of contest of contest of two-men of 28 years old of game of group of 28 years old of game of game of group of 21 years old of the following youths, group of 26 years old of the following youths, the following youths, the following youths, individual of 28 years old of the following youths, woman, man, public group game and women's team event.

What open contest this morning is woman individual contest and man individual contest. Woman individual contest has 24 Great Masters that come from 15 countries and area to attend, man individual contest has 36 Great Masters to attend, great Masters come from 17 countries and area. These two matches have the competition 3 rounds, undertake the first round today, mix 9 days morning undertake afternoon the 2nd, 3 rounds of matches.

Be in Asia-Pacific area, male group actual strength does not consider China too strong, but progress since 2005 faster, gain the championship a few times continuously, the partner in Zhao Jie of person of its culmination ferry and blessing, 2006 world tounament makes public two-men championship of the first world is won on contest. Chinese female team is a powerful group, will more than 20 years had been in greatly small gain the championship on ten matches, surpassed in the elite of international woman bridge that does not have stannum 2006 carry off in finals champion of the first world.

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