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Chinese bridge assist hold bridge invitational tournament to undertake two-men b
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Xinhua net Beijing on September 19 lover of bridge of electric capital all circles more than 100 people meet 19 days house of Diaoyutai state guest, the Chinese charming that attended to be sponsorred by Chinese bridge association child cup bridge invitational tournament.

This invitational tournament uses two-men contest to make, cent undertakes for 4 big groups, take part in the match player battle of wits fights brave, communicate card art. Pass hassle 5 rounds, gave each groups position definitely, zhao Mingji of Hu Jian of / of Shi Yibing of Fan Weixuan of Zhu Zhangling / , Liu Dawei / , Xu Xun, Zhang Shaochun / obtains each groups superior respectively.

Chinese bridge assist advisory Wang Hanbin also played the game, company of industry of the tobacco in the plain change that holds the contest to assistance on closure gave commemorative cup.

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