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3 groups of China of semifinal of contest of Asian cup bridge are whole win out
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6 days afternoon, contest of Asian cup bridge ended each serieses other semifinal. Chinese male team, female team and youth 1 team parts conquer adversary, enter the final of public group, woman group and young group.

The adversary of male team semifinal is New Zealand of first of rank of group of round robin A team, in round robin ever 16: Team of 14 conquer China. 3 matches of semifinals, first China team 23: 21 small surpass rival, immediately is in the 2nd in 17: 47 suffer a defeat, total score lagged behind 28 minutes, last, chinese team 63: 5 surpass rival greatly, with 103: The total score lock of 73 is gotten the better of surely bureau, promotion final. The adversary of finals is OTVOSI of first of rank of group of round robin B team.

Female team semifinal 121: 51 old this team success day. Japanese team is the last adversary of team of round robin China, and with 20: 10 conquer Chinese team. Semifinals China team shows powerful actual strength, 62: 7 take the first, 17: 25 small the 2nd negative cannot be affected march the pace of finals, last 42: 19 get the better of again, be without be concerned aboutingly push forward final. Finals will is opposite a New Zealand of first of rank of round robin group team, the achievement of fight hand to hand of two teams round robin is 15: 15.

The semifinal of young group is the battle that the heart of group of two China youth compares. 1 group of Chinese is final with 133: 3 teams of 79 conquer China. Finals lieutenant general and New Zealand team contend for gold. Since opening contest, 1 team play is stable and China is outstanding, hold lead position all the time, and New Zealand team also actual strength is driving, although the rank of final round robin is after Chinese team,list the 2nd, but however 24: 6 get the better of Chinese team greatly in round robin, actual strength nots allow small gaze.

Finals will undertake in 7 days, produce the gold of all projects.

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