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Asian cup contest harvests team of bridge of 3 gold China to prepare for war eff
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On the contest of bridge of first Asia cup that will end in Australian gold coast on September 7, chinese bridge team became male team of the biggest —— winning the home, female team and young covey to acquire respective group respectively other 3 gold. Zhi Yunhui of team of bridge of China of palpability of card of this one remarkable success prepares for war the job obtained remarkable result.

Contest of first Asia cup is new establish too inferior match of bridge of area high level, also be first world before Zhi Yunhui match of the last great international. Mutual come from Asian each country and area 89 teams take part in the match. Chinese bridge association expedites male team, female team and 3 youths group in all 5 teams, play public group, woman group and young group game respectively. Among them Chinese male team hand of 3 pairs of cards is: In blessing / Zhao Jie, Yang Lixin / Dai Jianming, Zhuang Zejun / Shi Haojun, you Sunming of Chinese female team / Wang Hong benefit, Gu Ling / Zhang Yalan, Liu Yiqian / Wang Wenfei is comprised, young covey, namely 28 years old of groups, 6 team member are: Liu Jing / Zhang Yizhuo, liu Yinghao / Wu Zhen country, cheng Ming / Li Xin. The youth of 25 years old of groups 2 teams and 20 years old of youths of the following group 3 teams also are the lineup that joins first world Zhi Yunhui.

The public group that Chinese male team joins shares 40 to take part in the match team, cent undertakes round robin two groups into A, B, chinese male team is in A group, pass the big test that amounts to 19 rounds, with 12 get the better of 4 negative 3 smooth accumulate 349 minutes of groups to rank second identity to enter semifinals. In semifinals, chinese male team meets group of round robin A head-on to rank first New Zealand team. Semifinals has 3 competitions in all, team of the first China with 23 than 21 small get the better of, but in the 2nd in with 17 than 47 suffer a defeat, total score lagged behind 28 minutes. Last, chinese team 63 than 5 surpass rival greatly, final with 103 win victory than the total score of 73, successful promotion final. In finals, the adversary of Chinese male team is Australia Aotewoxi team. Finals plays 4 64 deputy cards in all, every hit 16 pairs. First match of finals, chinese team with 40 than 36 small surpass rival, the 2nd in, chinese male team develops extraordinarily brave, with 48 than 0 get the better of completely, make adversary was not gotten one minute, hind two China male team at a dash, with 29 than 14, 20 than 15 get the better of again, final with 137 carry off than the total cent of 65 champion.

Woman group shares 18 to take part in the match team, chinese female team is in the military successes in 17 rounds of round robin 12 get the better of 4 negative 1 smooth, total cent is 336, rank the 2nd. In semifinals, chinese female team with 121 than 51 old this team success day. Among them female team of the first China with 62 than 7 get the better of greatly, although the 2nd with 17 than 25 small be defeated, but in last in with 42 than 19 get the better of again, thereby with final of absolutely push forward of lead dominant position. In finals, chinese female team and New Zealand team contend for champion. The gain the championship way of Chinese female team is very great, before 3 matches 3 Lian Sheng, score is respectively: 59 than 22, 39 than 20 and 54 than 19. New Zealand female team turns over dish of all up certainly, then the choice quits last race, make thereby Chinese female team with 152 than 61 gain the championship easily.
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